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As a trusted and engaged partner, we bring more than capital to our portfolio companies. We believe that by working side-by-side and rolling-up our sleeves, together, we can deliver transformative technologies to patients, with superior outcomes.

Our Approach


PlateletBio is a Harvard University spinout that is making human platelets from stem cells. We have developed and patented a microfluidic bioreactor, and shown that functional platelets can be generated from human pluripotent stem cell cultures. By removing the volunteer donor, we can make platelets that are cheaper, safer, and available on demand.


Cadent Therapeutics

Cadent Therapeutics is rapidly advancing a pipeline of novel allosteric modulators of ion channels – taking a well-established pharmaceutical approach and stepping out into new territory. SK channels and NMDA receptors are ion channels that are critical for modulating the strength, timing, and integration of communication between and within neurons and neuronal networks in the central nervous system. 


WindMIL Therapeutics

WindMIL harnesses the power of bone marrow derived lymphocytes to develop ground-breaking immunotherapies to treat cancer patients. Our lead program is in a Phase 2b study in high-risk multiple myeloma with additional programs in solid tumors using MILsTM advancing to the clinic. We are also advancing programs to supercharge MILs through genetic-modification.

Featured Portfolio

Chaoui Fellowship

A former colleague [of a Qiming US partner] and a true friend to the firm, Mohamed Chaoui, recently passed away following a battle with lung cancer. He has inspired us to create a rolling fellowship to help develop MBA, MD, Ph.D., PharmD or other advanced degree students with a unique Qiming US experience. Our 2019 fellowship program is now open for applications.

Our highly complementary team seeks to support entrepreneurs in their pursuit of healthcare innovation.